Game Maker examples

Examples for Game maker 8 (You can use it in game Maker: Studio!!)

These examples could help you to make awesome game, fast and easy, and you will learn many codes!!

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1. Platformer examples:

-Perfect collisions and player animation
-Moving platforms and basic enemies
-Melee Attack -Enemy Following
-Ladders and room zooming
-Wall Jump
-3D world and depth settings
-Moving cubes and circles-fake

2. Tower Defense examples:

-Player and enemies making and enemies health
-Upgrades and sell players (1. way)
-Upgrades and sell players (2. way)
-Money and levels

3. Shooter example:


4. 3D examples:

-Starting 3D World and movements
-Making basic object
-Loading Models

5. RPG examples:

-RPG movement, depth effect and collisions
-RPG light effect
-Click to move
-Basic attack, basic enemies and enemies health
-Weapon changing, player health and blood effect
-RPG text box and smooth view

6. Other examples:

-Login or register 1
-Login or register 2
-Menus and messages
-Snap to grid

If you have some problems with examples leave the comment and i will fix it.


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May 06, 2017

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